House Rules

Concurrent Psyche

This rule started as Concurrent Luminescence in our nWoD Orpheus, and has since simply become the ZWoD Concurrent Power Stat rule.

Instead of saving up piles of XP for your Psyche, it increases along with normal XP expenditure. Once all starting XP has been spent and play begins, the player begins counting toward his next Psyche. Once a player has spent (not accumulated) XP equal to what would have cost him to go up a Psyche, he goes up automatically, if he chooses. So if a character spends enough starting XP (or merit points, or Synergy, or whatever) to start at Synergy 2, all XP expenditures after play begins begin counting toward Synergy 3, (which is 24, new dots x 8) and once 24 XP has been spent on Attributes, Skills, Manifestations, Synergy, or any combination of anything else on the character sheet, the character’s Psyche ascends to 3. Any XP spent over the limit roll over to the next counter (so if the expenditure that got you to Psyche 3 actually brought your total spent to 27, that means you would be 3 XP on your way to the 32 needed for Psyche 4).

Should you decide not to advance your Psyche, you may simply decide after that point when your Psyche does go up. The delayed Psyche gain may only occur between sessions, but otherwise is limited only by reasonable story considerations.

Yes, this means our characters acquire Psyche twice as fast as the rules intended, but we play infrequently enough that there is still very little mobility up the power stat ladder, and of all games, Geist seems the most reasonable for having characters rapidly earning Psyche. (but yeah, it did feel more like cheating in Vampire)

Synergy for Psyche

At Character creation up to two Synergy may be traded for Psyche, on a 1 to 1 basis. The cap on this, combined with merit point trade in is starting Psyche 3.

Combat Hacks

From Armory Reloaded

Haymakers for All

Damage caused equal to or in excess of opponents size, causes the target to lose their next action. Some supernatural exceptions apply, ST discretion

Hollywood Ammo

Guns only run out of ammo on a Dramatic Failure. Breach loading weapons and old bolt action rifles are not affected.


When a bullet (not a ghost one) misses, ST rolls 1 die. On a 1, the slug ricochets. ST randomizes a target, and rolls the shooter’s Dex + Firearms + Damage Rating only.

Watch My Back

Defense doesn’t drop until you have been attacked once for each ally in arms reach.

Supernatural Hacks

Various Hacks specific to different races may be used as individual NPCs’ abilities.

Hacks for Consideration

No Fighting Styles

To use Fighting Style maneuvers, you only need the dot level in brawl, firearms, or weaponry, and a specialty in the Fighting Style.

Supernatural Terror

When ‘normal’ people see supernature in action, they roll Res + Comp to avoid fleeing and rationalizing what they’ve seen. Modifiers may apply.

House Rules

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