The Siren Of Sorrow

Long ago, back in the 1690’s, lived a young Maiden by the name of Veronica Styles. She was a well meaning girl, shy, quiet, and reserved. She was born into bondage, making her shyness even more pronounced. As was the case for thousands of years, the poor class was often subservient to the rich class. She was sold as a small girl to a rich man in Boston, Massachusetts. He had no wife, no family, and this young girl would serve as his family.

She did all of his chores. She washed his clothes, cooked his food, and did all of the “women’s” work associated with the time period. As she became a teenager, the man grew old and bitter, and began forcing her to work in the fields, scything his grain. She would work late into the evening, cook his food, then he would prostitute her out to men of the town. Then, he would “make love” forcibly to her.

One day, she snapped. She came in from cutting the fields, and he was waiting for her, to “Make love” to her. She took her scythe, and cut him into pieces in her rage. Because they lived out of town, no one noticed him missing, as she ran to town to do everything for him anyway.
She promised herself that she would be no man’s slave again, but she would enslave men to her. And she did.

She would use her beautiful voice to lure men in, through singing she would seduce them. It wasn’t that difficult given her beauty. Some of them she killed, some she only wrecked their families. The women of the community caught on quick, and sent a mob to lynch her. She tried pleading her case, that she wasn’t a witch. And she really wasn’t. She was just very pretty and very sultry. So naturally, when they did the witch test, and tried to drown her, she did in fact drown.

Something happened though. Something she hadn’t anticipated. Something saved her- brought her back, but as a ghost. She began haunting the town. Before she was exorcised, she took out half of the town. Upon exorcism, she went to the underworld, where she stumbled for years and years, and hundreds of years.

And after a time, she began to forget everything. She began to lose her grip on reality, almost as if it was being torn from her. She had to cling to life…and then came Andrew. It was happenstance that she emerged from the Underworld near him. But she saw the pain in his eyes…and the revenge in his heart. She knew that he was similar to her, and that she could achieve revenge through him…whatever revenge she needed to achieve that is. Everything is a little fuzzy now…and she’s not quite sure why the Scythe of Sorrow is her Keystone…but she knows that she feels awful when she sees someone in slavery…ironic, given the bound situation that she and Andrew are in.

The Siren Of Sorrow

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