Gravity Key

Gravity Key

Gravity kills. Of all the forces of nature, gravity is one man has most sought to overcome. Man has long looked to the sky and beyond, seeking a way to unshackle ourselves from the dirt. Oh, but gravity has some dire consequences when one goes toe to toe with it and looses. Between airplanes, skyscrapers, bridges, and many other of humanity’s attempt at ever escalating ascendance, mankind has given itself a lot of places to fall from.

The gravity key is an elemental key, but not nearly as old as the ten more popular keys. Tales are told of an old conspiracy of sin-eaters who forged they key a scant few centuries ago and zealously guarded their key’s secret. But, the great old conspiracies have apparently faded, and the key is slowly entering ‘mainstream’ sin-eater culture.

Gravity Boneyard

Cost: 1 plasm
Skill: Occult

2- as an instant action, and for 1 plasm, the sin-eater can increase gravity’s effect on a target within the boneyard by succeeding on a wits+occult+<as> roll, contested by the target’s stamina. Success inflicts <as> as a penalty to all rolls that involve physical movement for as long as the sin-eater concentrates. On an exceptional success, the duration is as long as the target stays in the boneyard, even without sin-eater conentration.

3- the sin-eater may use the level 2 ability on a group. Also, for free, the sin-eater may increase or reduce an inanimate object’s weight by 50 lbs, for as long as she concentrates. If this reduces an object’s weight to 0, it is weightless for the duration.

4- For 1 plasm, the sin-eater may manipulated gravity such that he “throws” inanimate objects in the boneyard with a wits+occult+<as> roll, (penalized by the targets’s defense, if used offensively). The object’s size is subtracted from this roll, and if the dice pool reaches zero, the object may not be moved. Damaged caused by this ability is dependant on the object thrown. Most things would cause bashing, but throwing knives, chainsaws, etc. would yield lethal damage.

5- Same as level 4, but may be used on living things, and it costs 3 plasm. This version causes lethal damage. The dice pool is penalaized both by the target’s defense and size.

Gravity Caul

Cost: 1 plasm
Skill: Occult

1- The sin-eater may fall from prodigious heights without taking damage. The bound may fall a distance equal to his athletics+<as>x10 without taking falling damage.

2- The sin-eater is one step closer to freeing herself from gravity’s grasp. The sin-eater quadruples all jump distances. The sin-eater may make a leap attack at an opponent rolling strength+athletics+equipment-target’s defense. Damage is bashing unless a lethal weapon (such as a spear) is used.

3-The sin-eater is much lighter at all times the gravity caul is active, and her speed is doubled.

4- The bound’s lightness permeates all things she does. <as> are added to defense.

5- The sin-eater has total gravitational control over herself. For 1 plasm, the sin-eater effectively flies or stands on any surface for <as>+stamina turns.

Gravity Curse

Cost: 1 plasm
Skill: occult
Roll: presence+occult+curse-lower of target’s resolve or composure. Successes equal number of hours of the curse’s effects

1- The ‘weight of the world’ is heavy on the target’s shoulders. The target suffers a -2 on all physical rolls

2- Gravity now actively fights against the target. The targets strength is effectively reduced by the sin-eater’s curse rating for purposes of lifting and climbing only.

3- For 2 additional plasm, the bound extends the duration to days per success.

4- Gravity’s ill intentions toward the target now touch all the target does. Level 1’s penalty now extends to all rolls

5- For an additional plasm, the target is completely forsaken by gravity. The target floats in zero g, for <as> turns. The target must roll strength or dexterity+athletics for most movements, and must be careful not to float too high, or the curse wearing off could be far worse than the curse itself.
This level of the gravity curse can only be used on someone affected by the base gravity curse, and in addition to the extra plasm, can only be activated while the sin-eater can see the target with her own eyes (or the target is in the sin-eater’s boneyard) and requires a succesful presence+occult roll, penalized by the target’s composure.

Gravity Marionette

Cost: 1 plasm per rating required
Skill: occult

Much like the gravity boneyard’s ability to use gravity to throwthings, the gravity marionette appears to most as a form of telekenesis. At marionette 1, the sin-eater may telekeneticly move or throw inanimate objects up to size 3. If used offensively, roll manipulation+occult+marionette-defense to determine damage. Damage is bashing, unless the object thrown would cause lethal anyway.
Each additional rank allows the sin-eater to manipulate an additional rating in size (so at marionette 5, the target may move objects of size 7). Also, at marionetter 3, any object may be throw hard enough or precisely enough to cause lethal damage. At marionette 5, the sin-eater may move and throw living beings for an additional plasm, and while still adhering to size restrictions and plasm expenditures.

Gravity Oracle

The gravity oracle functions the same as the other elemental oracles. It offers slightly more choice in activating it than the other elemental oracles though. A bound may either fill her health track with bashing or incur two levels of lethal damage to activate the oracle. The damage must be falling, but can be increased by falling into/onto hazerdous things. A short fall into a kiddie pool of broken glass works just as well as an 8 story drop onto concrete. The sin-eater must fall at least 3 yards though.

Gravity Rage

Cost: 1 plasm
Skill: Occult

The gravity rage inflicts the normal damage for the Rage manifestation, and also subtracts successes from speed and defense for the scene. The penalties do not stack (even if multiple sin-eaters are using gravity rage on a single target) and only the most recent use affects the target, even if the results are less than a previous use.

Gravity Shroud

Cost: 1 plasm
Skill: occult

1- The first level of the shroud protects from gravity’s ire, and negates all falling damage

2- At this level, the gravity shroud can anchor itself to any surface for <as> turns and 1 plasm

3- The gravity shroud may weigh down opponents who assalut the shroud wearer. For 1 plasm, the target subtracts <as> from their defense for <shroud> turns. This may be used when an attack is received, but counts as the sin-eater’s instant action for the turn. If the sin-eater already acted this round, this ability may not be used.

4- On touch, the sin-eater may reduce a target’s speed to 0 for <as> turns. This power costs 1 plasm, and is subject to the same limitations as level 3, and both may affect a single target, but must be afflicted seperately.

5- For 2 plasm per use, the sin-eater may cause <as> lethal damage to any the shroud touches, as the target becomes the locus of a small, temporary gravity well, which crushes the target. This is a reflexive action, and may be done as often as the sin-eater’s plasm and plasm/turn can support it.
Additionally, for 2 additional plasm the sin-eater may extend the second level’s effects for a whole scene, and may continue for 1 plasm per scene thereafter.

The Gravity Pit

Cost: 1 plasm
Skill: occult
Roll: composure+occult+pit-lower of target’s resolve or composure. Successes equal the number of days the target is affected.

1- The target constantly feels floaty and hazy, losing the metaphorical gravity of being down to earth. The target subtracts <as> from all perception rolls.

2- Gravity lashes out with a vengeance. Any time falling damage is taken by the target, it is lethal.

3- Gravity now actively seeks to claim the target. The victim of this power subtracts <as> from all rolls to avoid falling (including climbing). This includes both ‘accidentally’ incurred rolls and ones where another actively seeks to cause the target to fall (ie a contested defenestration roll)

4- For 1 additional plasm, the target’s speed is reduced by three quarters (round down) as the victim becomes so heavy to herself (but not others) that she can barely move. This effect must be applied with the the activation of the pit, it cannot be added later.

5- For yet another plasm, (a total of 3 on activation) the sin-eater may extend the effects of level 4 to last the entire duration of the gravity pit.

Gravity Key

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