Black Ops Perks as Merits

Each merit has a two dot base version (ie Lightweight) and a 3 dot pro version (ie Lightweight Pro) despite the naming convention they function the same as any other merit with multiple values (ie Fleet of Foot).

In addition, each perk belongs to a color group (the akwardly named Tiers, in CoD). Any character may only have one blue, one orange, and one green perk. Rules for switching perks may be developed later, pending feedback.

Yes, Ghost and Ninja may stack if visual and auditory stealth are both relevant.

Blue Perks

Lightweight – +2 to speed.
Lightweight Pro – +1 to initiative, and no bashing fall damage. Lethal fall damage is still taken.

Ghost – +2 to stealth rolls relating to avoiding visual detection
Ghost Pro – Additional +1 to visual stealth

Flak Jacket – +3 defense against explosions
Flak Jacket Pro – +3 defense against fire

Orange Perks

Hardened – +2 cover penetration
Hardened Pro – +2 damage to vehicles

Scout – May aim up to 4 turns for max of +4
Scout Pro – Once per turn, may reflexively switch weapons

Steady Aim – May negate up to 2 penalty to firing from targeting, doing other things, firing 2 weapons, etc similar to how a flashlight negates darkness penalties without granting a bonus.
Steady Aim Pro – Once per turn, may make two attacks with a single (or one each with two) size 1 or smaller cutting or stabbing weapon (ie a knife) with a -2 to the second attack, in addition to any other penalties such as off hand.

Sleight of Hand – Once per turn, may reload a weapon as a reflexive action
Sleight of Hand Pro – Once per turn, may aim reflexively. This may be used to get a simple +1 on and otherwise unaimed shot, or after a turn or two of aiming to get the +2 or +3 and fire in the same turn.

Green Perks

Tactical Mask – +3 defense against inhaled poisons and diseases.
Tactical Mask Pro – +3 defense against attacks made by sight or sound (ie disorienting lights, sonic weaponry or flashbangs)

Marathon – May spend 1 willpower and triple speed to run that turn
Marathon Pro – Same but quadruple

Ninja – +2 to stealth rolls pertaining to sound
Ninja Pro – Additional +1 to auditory stealth

Second Chance – Upon filling the player’s health with aggravated damage, the player may spend 1 willpower to convert 1 aggravated back into lethal. The player will still bleed out in 1 minute unless her wounds are tended to. This may only be used once per session.
Second Chance Pro – Same as above but bleeding out is stopped.

Hacker – +2 to rolls to detect traps.
Hacker Pro – +2 to attempts to hack computers and other electronic devices, and +1 to stealth rolls to avoid electronic surveilance.

Black Ops Perks as Merits

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