Dr Larry Trimble

Quick Mouthed Surgeon With A Sly Smile



  • standing or going prone becomes reflexive
    • +1 equipment bonus for clothing. Can knock opponent prone and either remain standing or cause bashing
      • athletics instead of +2 for all-out
        • dex **’s, cume -1 past 1st


  • Horrid Form
    Stam+Comp -1 full of bashing, 1 lethal, health penalies do not apply
    May only be rolled when health track is full.
    Strength +2
    Stam +2
    Size +1
    When ends, overflow health is gone, downgrades base stam aggravated
    Lasts stam
    4 turns
  • Tentacle
    Either +1L whip brawl attack
    Or +2 to resist grapple

Dr Larry Trimble

Skulls, Crosses, and Bones IIIEsq