Skulls, Crosses, and Bones

Shadows in Quiet Valley part 2

The Krewe reacted with curiosity to the incoming headlights. Ethan unlocked another phantasmal boneyard which encompassed most of Quiet Valley, but not far enough to perceive the source of the lights. Andrew unlocked the phantasmal marionette then, and sent the ghostly visage of the Siren of Sorrow to investigate.

The siren found a black van parked next to Ward’s car, with four people outside discussing the situation. Each was dressed in a dark business suit, and was putting on knee waders. The group consisted of a woman and three men, one of which was wearing a large helmet/goggle contraption that covered most of his face. The group came to be known as Girl, Glasses, Goatee, and Goggles, as their names have yet to be learned.

When Andrew came upon them they were complaining that it was probably just kids again, and that they were sick of “playing in the water”. Glasses walked off into the woods briefly, but returned shortly, his task unnoticed. The group headed towards the remnants of the village, while Glasses watched something on his phone rather intently, and Ward followed silently in the sky. When the four made it about halfway through the village, Glasses noted that camera three had picked up something big, and the group promptly diverted toward the tunnel heading up the dam.

Ward rejoined the group as they discussed what to do with the interlopers. The group decided silent observation would be the best plan until more knowledge was gained. Ethan used his boneyard to mask the krewe’s presence in the upper floors of the plant, while the four quietly made their way into the dam. Ethan’s boneyard allowed him to observe the other group’s investigation, while they moved into the control rooms, and then down toward the turbines. The four suits made a quick but thorough sweep of the turbine room, then reconvened up in a control room to watch the camera footage on Glasses’ pocket pc.

After viewing the entire confrontation that had just happened minutes before (and the krewe’s brief appearance by the hockey puck thing), the group seemed to be at a total loss for words. Girl (who had been making clear since they arrived that she was likely their leader) decided that they should probably make a bigger sweep of the dam and village and try to find these strange people.

At this, Ethan indicated that someone in the krewe should knock him out of his boneyard so that he could easily share his information. Samantha volunteered to try to talk to the strangers for two reasons, because she’s just a 12 year old girl and because there was little visible in the earlier confrontation that she did. Andrew also followed her as the Siren, just in case.

The two groups met on the stairs, with Andrew staying out of sight, and the four g’s taken a little aback by the young girl’s presence. Girl and Sam spoke for a bit, Sam trying to play the innocent card and get information from the others, Girl claiming they were dam inspectors. Sam, showing all the restraint and forethought that 12 year olds do, decided that she was sick of the two lying to each other, and in vague terms managed to both explain that they help ghosts, and that the situation was under control, thank you very much. This approach actually seemed to work, as Girl seemed visibly unnerved, and merely asked the younger girl to move aside so they could leave. Sam did this, but as they passed Goggles pulled something out of his jacket that looked like an 80’s cell phone at almost the exact second that Sam felt something rather akin to a bug bite in her stomach. This prompted Sam into another confrontation with the group, this time with guns drawn (as Sam’s Keystone is a handgun). Cooler heads prevailed shortly, as Sam couldn’t actually pin the feeling on them, and the four were allowed to ascend the stairs.

On the way out, Andrew decided to stand, dematerialized in the open, on the way out, just to test the capabilities of the group. He was shocked as all four of them were able to clearly see the Siren of Sorrow, and there was long awkward moment before either party regained composure. The suits simply moved past Ward, visibly very unnerved. The four were allowed to leave the village unmolested.

The Krewe decided that the small puck object now warranted further attention, so they made their way down the tunnel and across the canal. Sam destroyed the puck with a few shots, and the Krewe headed toward the church. There they found the Ghostly Preacher alone on the alter, apparently waiting the arrival of the krewe. He thanked them for destroying the tormentor, who had apparently been poor Merle. The krewe had assumed that having destroyed Merle would be enough to move on the preacher and his flock, but it was not so, for Merle had only been tormenting them since they had all died, and what kept them here was an older tormentor.

The preacher revealed that the man who had destroyed the dam supposedly had a secret to eternal life, and that he was set to reveal it to the preacher, before the man killed the preacher. The preacher knew the man only as Father Hackett, but suspected it was merely a pseudonym. The preacher revealed that Father Hackett rarely visited the village, and instead relied on the preacher as his contact inside the town. The krewe asked if the preacher knew where Hackett had gone, but the preacher did not know since he had been betrayed. He did however claim to know where Hackett had been, and that something similar had transpired in a town in Pennsylvania called Centrelia. Despite some antagonism from Sam, the krewe left the preacher on slightly better terms than they had met him with. The krewe headed back to the car to hear that the others’ van had departed just before they arrived at the car, and long after they left the village. The krewe also discovered that one tire had been slashed, while another tire had just had the air let out through the valve (and the cap was missing). The chapter concluded with the krewe contemplating how to get home, and cementing a relationship between the city boys and their new found companions. Together, they decided, they would investigate Centrelia.



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