Skulls, Crosses, and Bones

Shadows in Quiet Valley part 1

Andrew Ward and Joey Cavanaugh, following a tip on the Twilight Network and a little bit of reasearch, decided to check out Quiet Valley. Quiet Valley was a company town for a hydroelectric plant that burst back in ‘63. The whole town was located at the base of the dam, and basically lived to serve the plant, which fed power to a good chunk of New York State. The question was asked on the Network was why no sin-eaters had any information on the place, despite its obvious connection to death. The nascent krewe, looking to expand, couldn’t pass an opportunity to make a name for themselves conquering the area first.

Of course, the newly forming krewe weren’t the only ones on the Network, and word of the place spread quickly, and others were already en route to the site. Ethan Treadwell and Samantha Johnson were already walking from the last bus stop toward the site when Ward’s car approached, and the pair were able to follow stealthily until the car reached the literal end of the road. Where the DOT had finally blocked the road to the defunct community, Joey and Andrew emerged from the car, as the other pair attempted to approach and observe. The city boys spotter the voyers, and a brief verbal confrontation ensued.

In the end, the two pairs agreed to assist each other on this matter, with Andrew and Joey’s eyes on expansion, while the other two merely preferred to keep an eye on the others. The Siren of Sorrow and Lion Who Eats Christians both showed minor approval at the alliance, and the group moved toward the town’s remains.

The remainder of the road passed straight into a small river flowing through the woods. The river eventually lead through an archway that must have been over a road at some point, welcoming the krewe to Quiet Valley.

Aside from the massive remains of the dam on either side of the canyon, the majority of the landscape had become a featureless and cloudy lake only a few inches deep, with only two visible structures remaining: a statue and the hull of an old church, both several hundred yards apart. The closest structure was the statue, so the krewe headed for it.

It was found to actually be the top of a large fountain, made of bronze or brass (the years of tarnish made it hard to tell), and bearing an abstract design. The only other feature of note is a plaque simply stating, “Fountain thanks to Support Electric”. The krewe then made for the church, finding along the way, the old canal leading through the middle of town, that carried the water away before the dam burst. This left the entire group soaking wet as they had no choice but to swim.

Back on wet land on the other side of the canal, the krewe found the remains of a church, only the stone shell, with all wood and plaster long gone. Inside were two to three dozen ghosts, standing attentively, watching one shade at the alter. The ghostly preacher ranted for a bit about the lord shackling them until they slip their chains, and of a tormentor who had already slipped his chains. He also spoke of “finding a flock”. The krewe decided to make their presence known, and the preacher reacted with hostility, but only in word. He commanded the group to leave, which they did. The group got little information before the figure departed for the basement with his fellows. Andrew unlocked the tear-stained caul to follow below the water level, only to find the group circled, with heads bowed, and the preacher losing himself in their number. The only other thing of note in the basement were 6 large old wooden wine kegs.

The krewe detected ghostly activity by the dam, and headed up to investigate. Stuck to the wall, they found a metal object, roughly the size and shape of a hockey puck, stuck to the side of the dam, and a very small camera several feet up the wall watching it. After a little deliberation, it was decided that the best place to be was away from the camera.

The group headed towards a tunnel that wound it’s way through the canyon wall to the top of the dam. The road was in bad shape, but the tunnel may be sturdy enough to get a car up still, not that the krewe had one handy.

After Ethan scouted the place with his boneyard, the group descended into the plant inside the dam. The krewe first found a series of control rooms, which seemed to have had a few visitors who were careful to disturb very little when they were through.

Below, the crew entered the main turbine room. The floor was filled with turbines, and the ceilings were crossed by catwalks. Andrew and Joey checked the catwalks, while Ethan and Sam went straight to the floor. Andrew and Joey weren’t on the catwalks for long, when the section they were on gave way, crashing to the floor. A figure was spotted dashing into the nearest turbine, just before said turbine started to run. The old turbine kicked on just as a pieces of the old metal panels that lined the room began flying at the sin-eaters. Ward projected his phantasmal marionette while Ethan set up a grave-dirt boneyard. The other two, set about dealing with Merle more directly with stillness and stigmata rage. After the krewe had a brief struggle with the turbines, the room itself, and what turned out to be the ghost of a plant foreman (with a name tag reading, “Merle”) who seemed convinced the krewe were here to finish destroying his dam, the group managed to restrain Merle Juspeczyk, and deduce that the rebuilding of the dam would set him free. This of course was next to impossible, but Treadwell unlocked the phantasmal boneyard in order to create the illusion that the dam had been recreated. Merle looked around in amazement at his paradise regained, and faded into nothing as he moved on, though to where is even less certain, given the odd circumstances of his untethering.

The closing song (Pushit by Tool) began playing as the krewe emerged atop the dam to see a pair of headlights closing from off in the distance.

XP: 5



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