This Cronicle page has largely become my World of Darkness overflow chronicle. Since our Geist chronicle became a cooperative storytelling experience, it left my hands and became something bigger (and largely undocumented). For our current active story, go see The Flickering Chronicles.

This page will help me in chronicling my story in Geist: the Sin-Eaters. The story is centered around a new New York krewe of fairly recently Bound Sin-Eaters and their exploits in the World of Darkness, starting with the story, Shadows in Quiet Valley part 1. I’ll have more detailed descriptions of the characters as I get them, but for now, here’s the quick on the characters and their Geister.

Ethan Treadwell was a rodeo clown, until he fell Prey to a bull’s horn and struck the Bargain with The Lion Who Eats Christians. Now they roam the north east, playing Advocate to the dead, and playing harmonica for money.

Samantha Johnson was a 12 year old girl who fell to the vilest of man’s depredations. In one violent night Sam was Torn from this life and bound to her (as yet unnamed) Geist. Her short road has been unsettling thus far.

Andrew Ward was a gang banger growing up, until one teacher and the love of his life turned him around on the path of learning. Unfortunately his old life caught up to him, and old enemies drowned Andrew and his love. The Siren of Sorrow was only able to strike the Bargain with Andrew, and now Ward searches for the ghost of his lost love.

Joey Cavanaugh fell in with the wrong crowd. Not gangs, but certainly criminals. After trying to get out, and getting his journalism degree, a chance run in with some old associates left Joey falling out his 12th stroy window straight into a bargain with the Asphalt Woman.

Skulls, Crosses, and Bones

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